Three Days in Seoul

In Tokyo my visa status is limited to an entertainer. This visa, the “Entertainment Visa,” commonly referred too amongst expats as the “Stripper Visa” is three months long, with a possible extension of three extra months, which if you include the month you spend waiting for an extension, is about seven months possible of living/working time in Japan. No matter how many times you come to Japan under this visa there is no moving beyond that amount of time, unless you appear on TV Drama or become a celebrity “Talent” of some kind. So I’m stuck with that visa unless I get married or sprout a career that evolves beyond the blogger/model equation. So! My visa expired, and now I’m in Seoul. I have to stay here until I am granted another stripper visa, and the lovely people at Japan’s immigration have decided to make it extra difficult for me this time, requesting papers from the IRS that will take upwards of a month to attain. Thank you Japan.

photo6Now, if I didn’t have an empty apartment that I was paying for out of pocket while I sat here blissfully in Korea at this lovely cafe on this gorgeous spring day, I don’t think I’d even care that I had to stay here. I love Seoul, I love the wifi everywhere, I love the gorgeous men everywhere, I love my Korean brothers and sisters. I can even work here, well, I could technically, if I didn’t spend the last three weeks in Tokyo binge eating out of visa stress. Yes, truly this would be a lovely time I’d be having if I didn’t fall asleep every night wondering when I would be heading back to Japan. But this is the unfortunate reality that I’m living in, a life of waiting for immigration to dictate what my next move in life will be. Things could be worse.

photo2What I am left with is innumerable amounts of time, time to sit and write, time to run along the Han River in ecstasy (the weather is really ideal for running at night), time to drink all the espresso beverages that I can, which I much favor over Japan’s strange obsession with drip coffee. I’ve been here since Monday and I have no complaints. I spend two hours a day at this wifi cafe in Hongdae around the corner from my house. The door is wide open the street and there are always cute young fashionable people strolling by or passing in and out. After two hours my computer battery dies and I usually seek sustenance, followed by a long spurt of exercise, a shower, and a couple of glasses of cheap wine at Jebi near Sangsu station.

photo8This weekend will undoubtably be filled with debauchery, because after all, this is Seoul. I’m just happy I have had the strength to avoid getting wasted and staying up until the sunrise for a few days. Hopefully I can stay on this path of health and clarity at least five days of the week. My workout schedule is so intense that it it pretty much hurts to move and I’m exhausted, but I’m happy to experience those things too, I missed it. photo3photo1As long as I don’t fall into another slump like I did in Tokyo, I should hope to use this time in Seoul to work on making my life less of a shit hole, even if that means writing meaningless dribble like I just did in the above.photo2Thanks for reading.

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