Moments in the Sun

This face is essentially representative about how I feel today. Last night after a short run and a don’thavetimetowashmyhair shower I put on a body concealing frock and headed across the river to the Gangnam area. My old and dear friends Mimi and Hanul were meeting me for whiskey. We went to a bar not from from Garasu (the main shopping street) called The Client. Mimi is a lot like me in that she has her bars that she frequents, to the point where the normal rules no longer apply. They had a bottle of her own Laphroaig single malt scotch behind the counter, and they served it to her a hefty pour with a bucket of ice. I had a bottle of Ballantine 12 year in my purse and Hanul and I drank that. We sat on the patio in the back that overlooked the small winding streets of Seoul.

Please enjoy this song while you read this entry:

I’ve been exceptionally good at exercising since I got here, but unfortunately this left me with almost zero time to eat dinner before going out drinking. I ate a granola bar that I brought from Tokyo on the train ride to Sinsa. While Mimi and Hanul indulged in two bowls of pasta and Oreo cookies, I ate a few pretzels and a whole bunch of pickles. The whiskey went straight to my head, gloriously, feverishly, I felt it sprinting through my veins in ecstasy. That’s the time when I brought out my phone and started messaging my Korean brothers things like, “Koreans are the best, you’re so lucky,” and updating my Facebook status about Seoul feeling a lot like home.photo5

We left at a reasonable hour, I hopped back on the train, buzzed and listening to Kim Jung Mi’s “The Sun” song on repeat for the forty minute journey. The same song that I had gone running to earlier that day, stopping briefly by the waters edge as the sun was going down for a few sentimental tears of happiness.

Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 7.01.14 PM


Even though I had a delightful time last night, getting home around three in the morning (I consider this relatively early for Seoul/Tokyo nights out) I woke up with more emails regarding my visa process that left me feeling discontented. I should look to the weekend to briefly forget my situation, and enjoy the wonderful people and places around me until reality strikes again on Monday morning.photo3

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