Hi. It’s nice to meet you. How did you end up here?

My name is Sasha Owen. I’m a casting director, writer, producer, and researcher raised in the States and based in Berlin. My friend calls me the ‘’rare people-finder’’ because I’m able to sift through the internet and my global network to find interesting people with the most formidable stories. Whether it’s casting and producing an in-house documentary for Chanel or scouring social media for the brightest young women making waves in STEM for Harper’s Bazaar, I love having the ability and opportunity to share stories.

Please reach out for the following services:

  • Casting branded content
  • Casting for documentary
  • Casting for commercials
  • Social media influencer casting
  • Casting for reality tv
  • Ghostwriting
  • Tech writing
  • Production
  • Marketing research
  • Brand Strategy

Contact me at me(at)sashaowen.com, I’d love to hear from you.